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    Shanghai Dandi Communication Tech. Co.,Ltd is a high-tech communication company which delicated to research and design, product and sale all kinds of antenna and module products. Its product lines include Beidou / GPS antenna, Beidou / GPS high-precision mapping antenna, 2G / 3G / 4G / wifi / Bluetooth and other communication antenna products, as well as the Beidou/ GPS module, high-precision inertial navigation positioning module and Bluetooth / WIFI module.
    The company is headquartered in Shanghai Jiufu Economic Development Zone, with a total area of 2000 square feet. The company has a stable R & D team, advanced laboratories and perfect market channels. Dandi has close technical cooperation with a number of colleges and universities, state-level research institutes and even the central enterprises. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the introduction of high-end talents. Now, the company's R & D team is composed of an experienced doctor, few masters and bachelors.
    The company's products are exported to as far away as India, South Korea and America. Besides,  Dandi has reached supply agreements with a number of domestic listed companies and large automotive groups.
    In November 2015, Dandi signed a cooperation agreement with CMIOT(affiliated with China Mobile corporation), based in domestic Beidou industry and the Internet of Things industry. This  strategic partnership is aimed at promoting the LTE 4G module products in the field of automotive applications.
    In April 2016, LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) Beidou chip antenna and low noise module were developed by Dandi and its partners. The third generation mini chip antenna can be applied to smart phones and consumer electronics applications.
    In the future, the company will focus on providing advanced products and better service to its customers in the filed of Beidou industry. And also a set of solutions will be provided to its customers who needs different kinds of antenna and the Beidou / Bluetooth / WIFI / 2G / 4G modules.

    CopyRight??2006~2018?danditec.com Shanghai Dandi Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Site by:XinNew   滬ICP備16004829號

    CopyRight??2006~2018?danditec.com Shanghai Dandi Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Site by:XinNew   滬ICP備16004829號

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